Institutional Investors

We boast of a team of professionals with vast experience in fund and portfolio management for institutional investors like pension funds, insurance companies, society and mutual institutions, and associations. Based on the investment needs of our clients, and their investment objectives, we create suitable investment management strategies and build appropriate portfolios, which we continuously reorient to changes in the investments markets in order to keep them in line with clients’ risk appetite, investment needs and objectives.

The range of our investment products offer both growth and value preservation and are always structured to suit the different and unique investment needs of our clients.

  • Platinum Fundamental Equity Portfolio
  • Platinum Balanced Portfolio
  • Platinum Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Platinum Hybrid Portfolio

Our research team, which has got strong analytical and forecasting ability and experience guides our investment choices. Our good understanding of financial markets dynamics and unique experience in investment and portfolio management guarantees good investment returns for our clients.

The emergence of private equity investments and the potential for higher returns, particularly in emerging markets, has attracted significant interest. Using our understanding and the applying the necessary diligence, we are there to help investors to efficiently and smoothly buy into or sell their interest in private companies and the following comprise the key services we offer;

  • Company valuations;
  • Due diligence;
  • Placing companies with potential investors
  • Negotiating the transactions
  • Advise on efficient tax management of the transactions.
  • Preparing relevant documentation including the Sale and Purchase Agreements;

We also provide an opportunity for clients’ participation in private equity funds under a framework we agree with the investors. Emerging out of a decade of low economic activity, Zimbabwe has great value creation and growth opportunities anchored on speedy recovery in the mining, agriculture and consumer sectors of the economy. There are opportunities for higher returns from private equity investments. Given the level of risk attendant to private equity investments, we follow a structured process in order to make sound and strong choices that protect investors and ensure good returns for them.

Through our stock broking unit, we support clients’ smooth and efficient participation in buying and selling shares listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). With the opening of the markets we also provide a window for purchase and disposal of fixed income securities (bonds, commercial paper, Bankers Acceptances, Promissory Notes).

We have more than 10 years valuable experience in brokering of transactions and over the years we have built knowledge and wisdom that has set us apart from others.

An early settlement facility or the discounting of the brokers notes service gives the all important liquidity to our clients. With this facility, we can settle the sales proceeds on the sale date by way of discounting the face value of the future receipts.