Corporate Clients


Our clients can benefit from corporate finance and advisory services we offer and these range from.

  • Capital Raising and Refinancing.
  • Debt and Equity Restructuring.
  • Private Placements.
  • Initial Public Offerings.
  • Sponsoring Broker.
  • Privatizations.
  • Commercialisations.
  • Takeovers and Management Buy-Outs/Leveraged Buy-Outs.
  • Private Equity investments.

We have the requisite experience built over a number of years and this has placed us in better position to successfully execute all kinds of client requirements. We understand that the needs of our clients are different and therefore, we combine generic structures with innovation to deliver novel and dynamic services.


Through our team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we offer transaction services that exceed clients expectations in terms of planning for their businesses. Most businesses fail because of either poor planning or failure to execute plans appropriately. Research has shown that poor planning accounts for three quarters of business failures. Our role is to assist clients by filling this gap through identification of risks and rewards of transactions through the following:

  • Due Diligence to ascertain transactions benefits and risks before its concluded
  • Independent Valuations for the purposes of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and related investment decision making
  • Packaging Business Proposals to be Bankable by modeling deals in a manner that guarantees to bring profit
  • Assisting in obtaining Regulatory Approval for both local and foreign investors. This includes Exchange Control Approvals, Zimbabwe Investment Authority and Export Processing Zone approvals.

Through our stock broking unit, we support clients’ smooth participation in buying and selling companies and shares listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) as well as fixed income securities (bonds, commercial paper, Bankers Acceptances, Promissory Notes). We have more than 10 years valuable experience in this type of business and over the years we have built the relevant knowledge and wisdom.

Investments and trading in listed shares and fixed income securities do not require any pre-approval by the government and there are no restrictions on capital flows in and outside the country.


Private equity investments are investments in a company whose shares are not listed on the Stock Exchange. Owners can buy or sell private companies and we are geared to help investors who are willing to buy or sell private companies in Zimbabwe.

We help the buyers and sellers with:

  • Company valuations.
  • Due diligence.
  • Drafting of Sale and Purchase Agreements.
  • Advise on efficient tax management of the transaction.

We also provide private equity fund management under a framework we agree with the investors. Emerging out of a decade of low economic activity and high potential for rapid growth anchored on speedy recovery in the mining, agriculture and consumer sectors, there are opportunities for higher returns from private equity investments. Using our expertise, knowledge of our local economy and attendant regulations, we follow a structured process to ensure protection of the parties involved.


We boast of a team of professionals with vast experience in fund and portfolio management. Based on the investment needs of our clients, we create suitable investment management strategies for clients and build appropriate portfolios and reorient them to changes in the financial markets in an ongoing basis in line with clients’ risk appetite.

The range of investment products we offer include:

  • Platinum Fundamental Equity Portfolio
  • Platinum Balanced Portfolio
  • Platinum Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Platinum Hybrid Portfolio

Our research team, which has wide experience in investment and economic analysis, guides our investment choices.


Taxation matters and requirements if not properly managed can be very expensive to companies. We are highly reliable in ensuring that businesses appropriately structure transactions and conducts their business in a manner that reduces tax complications and tax burden in a legally and morally acceptable way. We rely on our professional knowledge in the field to offer an array of tax consultancy services including.

  • Tax Registration.
  • Pre-transaction tax assessment and advise.
  • Tax computations.
  • Filing Tax returns.
  • Taxation training.
  • Advice on taxation developments.

Our efficiency and timely execution of clients’ requirements guarantees quick solutions to clients tax matters.