Platinum Family Office deals with clients with complex and unique domestic as well as international financial affairs that require high level personal and confidential advice and service. Our team takes pride in the discipline, skills and experience that we posses in the provision of expertise in three core areas of family office services:

  1. Wealth preservation
  2. Wealth management
  3. Special client services

In order to address the often diverse needs of our clients, Platinum Family Office has access, to an extensive range of products, services and providers which include the following:

  1. Tax advisors, lawyers and accountants.
  2. Trust and estate planners.
  3. Custodians, banks and investment managers.
  4. Insurance providers.
  5. Real estate advisors.

We arrange a comprehensive review of the family situation. We work with you to define your objectives in the family context. We then take steps to meet those objectives.

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