We provide professional service to manage the investments, business affairs and philanthropic interests of high net worth families.

Our aim is to help clients organise their financial affairs in order to protect and preserve family wealth, enable simple wealth transfer to family and children, plan for retirement, education planning and estate tax management. Our management team with specialised skills and experience will offer exciting tailor made solutions that satisfy individual family needs. Using our professional expertise, we combine wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance and other savings plans to come up with right solutions that have everlasting benefits to our clients.

Our team of wealth management and estate planning professionals provide guidance in forming appropriately structured trusts in a very simple and inexpensive way. A trust can be used to protect family assets and by doing so you do a big favor to your family. Trusts have been used for over a century as a means of securing family wealth against unforeseen circumstances that could cause loss of such wealth.

Among its benefits, a trust provides administrative efficiencies and is financially inexpensive to maintain. Assets placed under a trust are not subject to the expensive and time consuming probate process, and also the trust provides a good opportunity of managing estate tax planning. Contact our team for a personalized discussion on your specific needs on trusts.

We help our clients put together appropriate and situation specific wills as part of their estate planning. With a will our clients can nominate the beneficiaries of their assets after death and the guardians to look after younger beneficiaries. A will is one of the most common tools through which family wealth and assets are passed from parents to children and other beneficiaries. We have simplified the process of making a will and our team of wealth management and family advisors is ready to assist.

We arrange appropriate insurance for our clients covering life, valuable collections and other assets. Life insurance may be used to protect beneficiaries and family assets against debts and other liabilities. However, we appreciate that personal and family circumstances differ and it’s not every situation that requires insurance. After carefully studying clients’ unique circumstances, we recommend and arrange for suitable insurance packages.

Education Planning
Most parents prioritise the education of their children to guarantee them a better life when they are adults. This process requires better financial planning especially for secondary and college education. We tailor make such plans in accordance with the family’s education objectives and targeted schools and colleges.

Business Protection
We assist sole proprietors and families to craft suitable succession plans to ensure that what they have worked for the rest of their lives will not be lost with the incapacitation or passing on of key people.
Furthermore, we assist business owners and families owning businesses with others to formulate buy-sell agreement/buyout agreements to minimize disputes and possible dissolution of the business on incapacitation and death of a partner to the business.

Tax planning
We help families to minimize tax implications on their family wealth. Using a structure of trusts, donations, and gifts, we can help reduce tax obligations in a legally acceptable manner.

Our experience has shown that it is important to secure and store important information about family matters in a place where your remaining family members, your attorney or the executor can find it. Failure to secure information properly and in a manner that those that remain after your demise can make sense out of it could result in loss of family assets and value.

We provide safe custody for important documents to guard against loss of information to the detriment of the family. This information includes:

  • Will
  • Trusts
  • insurance policies
  • real estate deeds
  • certificates for stocks, bonds
  • information on bank accounts, mutual funds, and safe deposit boxes
  • information on retirement plans
  • information on debts: credit cards, mortgages and loans, utilities, and unpaid taxes
  • information on funeral prepayment plans, and
  • any final arrangements instructions you have made.

We boast of a team of professionals dedicated to provide top tier performance in fund and portfolio management. Based on the investment needs of a family, and family investment objectives, we create suitable investment management strategies and build appropriate portfolios, which we continuously reorient to changes in the investments markets in order to keep them in line with a family’s risk appetite, investment needs and objectives.

The range of our investment products offer growth and value preservation opportunities and are always structured to suit the different and unique investment needs of a family.

  • Platinum Fundamental Equity Portfolio
  • Platinum Balanced Portfolio
  • Platinum Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Platinum Hybrid Portfolio

Our research team, which has got strong analytical and forecasting ability and experience, guides our investment choices. Our good understanding of financial markets dynamics and unique experience in investment and portfolio management guarantees good investment returns for the family.

Professionals and Wealth families need to enjoy their status and we have developed convenience and tailored services to guarantee them enjoyment of their status while having all the support they need for their daily lives. Our convenience and leisure products include:

  • Family travel arrangements
  • Family vacation arrangements
  • Bills settlements/payments
  • Coordinating Family meetings
  • Arranging weddings
  • Getting tickets to concerts and sporting events
  • Run family payrolls
  • Buying Gifts

Contact us for these services now.