Platinum Securities

Platinum Securities (Pvt) Ltd is a registered member of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and a wholly owned subsidiary of Platinum Groupe (Pvt) Ltd. The business is registered in terms of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act (Chapter 24:18) as well as the Securities Act. The firm commenced operations in July 1999 under NDH Holdings (Pvt) Ltd before being acquired by Platinum Groupe (Pvt) Ltd in January 2010. It has grown its market share through an emphasis on building strong client relationships. The firm has focused on delivering consistent quality service to its clients.


The vibrant Platinum trading desk offers an efficient platform for individual and institutional investors to execute their trades in the following products;

  • ZSE Listed Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Treasury Bills
  • Reits
  • VFEX
  • ETF
  • Depository Receipts