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While following a customer focused approach in investment solutions , the following are available products at Platinum Investment Managers;

Specialized Mandates

Customer focused solutions in Alternative Assets such as property development , property acquisitions , real estate management , infrastructure, private equity and structured notes.

PIM has developed a unique positioning in the delivery of real estate solutions to client portfolios across the value chain and with a strong footprint in all property sectors.

All Equity Mandates

Focusing on stock selection with the capacity to provide client specific , specialist mandates with a bias to growth (or value if required) .

Equities refer to financial instruments that signify an ownership position in a company and represents a claim on its proportionate share in the company’s assets and profits.

Fixed Income Mandates

Designed to outperform client benchmarks through superior security selection, yield curve positioning and interest rate

Fixed income securities are investments that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity; unlike a variable income security , the payments of a fixed income security are known in advance

Cash Management Mandates

Focuses on money market investments only . Investments are done on instruments such as Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptances and Fixed Deposits with sta­ ble financial institutions .

Discretionary Balanced Mandates

Offering a mixture of equity, fixed income and real estate strategies . Most popular product for long term investors such as Pension

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